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Code of Conduct – Best Practice

The Association of Caregiver & Nanny Agencies (ACNA Canada) aims to set high standards. It is expected that every member of ACNA Canada will abide by the code of conduct and will operate their business in a manner which enhances the reputation of the Association and this industry.


General Conduct:

  • Maintain high standards at all times when dealing with caregivers, families and other agencies
  • Carry professional liability insurance
  • Uphold the highest moral principles at all times
  • Follow and abide by existing provincial and federal legislation, regulation and policy
  • Promote truthful and accurate statements on nanny/caregiver agency industry matters
  • Conduct business in a manner that enhances the reputation of caregiver agencies

Conduct Towards Caregivers:

  • Respect and regard caregivers as clients
  • Act conscientiously and diligently in providing services which protect the caregiver’s best interest
  • Truthfully describe job duties and responsibilities, working conditions, hours, salary and benefits
  • Provide the caregiver with a detailed job description
  • Respect  confidential information received from the caregiver
  • Advise the caregiver of all laws and regulations pertaining to the Live-in Caregiver Program if applicable
  • Advise the caregivers and provide information regarding provincial labour standards
  • Provide on-going support and follow up
  • Provide caregivers with appropriate orientation material
  • Provide caregivers with names and telephone numbers of other caregivers in the area
  • Provide caregivers with an emergency telephone number or emergency email address
  • Provide caregivers with support services throughout the employment period
  • Act as a mediator between caregiver and family when appropriate
  • Provide fair and un-biased professional opinions and advice to the caregiver
  • Provide guidance to caregivers on how to make their new life in Canada as successful as possible
  • Provide a detailed list of services and fees including guarantees and refund policy

Conduct Towards Families:

  • Always provide friendly & courteous service
  • Fully inform families about the agency’s procedures
  • Provide written terms of business including details of fees and refund policies if applicable
  • Interview caregiver candidates in person. If not possible, advise the family of interview method
  • Advise and advocate for fair employment conditions and educate the client about provincial labour standards
  • Provide detailed caregiver resumes for family to make an informed decision
  • Provide truthful and accurate information on caregiver applications
  • Screen and interview each family to determine their specific requirements
  • Protect and respect confidential information received from the family
  • Provide a clearly defined contract between the family and the agency

Conduct Towards Other Agencies:

  • Respect other agencies and their business practices
  • Respect the confidentially of other agency businesses
  • Do not solicit caregivers for positions while still in the employ of another family
  • Respect the proprietary materials of other agencies
  • Do not unfairly criticize other members or attempt to injure the reputation or business of another agency

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