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Nov.10,2011:Foreign nannies say Tories aren’t looking after them despite promises

Foreign nannies say Tories aren’t looking after them despite promises By Tobi Cohen, Postmedia News November 10, 2011 Although the government maintains 98 per cent of live-in caregivers eventually become permanent residents, last week Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said fewer people were qualifying for the program. OTTAWA — Immigrants admitted through the government’s foreign live-in […]

Nov.2,2011:Fewer live in caregivers arriving in Canada

OTTAWA – Immigration Minister Jason Kenney plans to hold immigration levels steady next year, but the mix of immigrants will change. There will be more skilled workers — especially white-collar workers — as will as higher numbers of refugees, parents and grandparents, Kenney told reporters after tabling his 2011 annual report. But there will be […]

Access of Information 2006

Access of Information from 2006 shows Canadian Government knowledge  ” of failure of some caregivers to remain in their jobs particularly in rural areas and those providing senior care. There is a a growing program integrity concern, as it is suspected that the LCP is being used as an entry by those who are not […]

Oct. 28,2011 : Latest stats show significant decline of Live in Caregiver program

Applications for Temporary Foreign Workers Processed Abroad – Live In Caregiver Program All Points of Service – All Destinations (in Persons) – 2006 to June 2011 Year Applications Received Abroad Approved & Refused Withdrawn Approved Refused Processing Times X% of Cases were Processed in X Time or less Approval Rate Total 20% 50% 80% 2006 […]

Huge drop for LMO ( Labour Market Opinions) for Live in caregivers May 2011

Confirmed Labour Market Opinions ( LMO ) for Live in caregivers from January 2010 – May 2011         Total confirmed LMOs Overseas confirmed LMOs for overseas applications Canada confirmed LMOs Total third party reps Overseas third party reps for overseas applications Canada third party reps January 10 1636 1027 609 864 562 […]