Wednesday, May 12, 2021 23:11


Dear Fellow Agency Owner,

The Association of Caregiver & Nanny Agencies Canada (ACNA Canada) is proud to welcome you to the industry association in Canada. ACNA Canada was established in 2008 and was founded to provide education, lobbying and information to its members.

ACNA Canada is governed by the Board of Directors elected by its members and mandated to serve the needs of its members. It is managed by members that have volunteered their time, expertise and knowledge for the benefit of the members.

Agencies joining ACNA Canada will have the opportunity to take advantage of the following member benefits:

Education – ACNA Canada will provide its members educational events, continuing development and business education, encourage ethical standards and good business practices.
Lobbying РACNA Canada’s goal is to provide a voice for its members in our industry.
Information – Members would take advantage of a wealth of shared information from the monthly newsletter, ACNA Canada website, seminars and training.
Networking – This would be the best avenue to network with other members in expanding industry knowledge, expertise and business.
Access to ACNA Canada website – This website will be a useful tool to members that are concerned about recent changes in the industry and want access to information.

Members are encouraged to participate in ACNA Canada activities and volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise to other members. Welcome to the Association of Caregiver & Nanny Agencies Canada!

Download our ACNA Canada application form:

Download our Code of Ethics – Best practices:

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