Thursday, May 13, 2021 00:08

Holiday Working Visa

The International Experience Canada program allows participants to travel and work in Canada anywhere they choose and in any position, for a period of up to twelve months.

The Canadian Government has mutual agreements in place with many countries. Though specific details can vary between Embassies, the general requirements of participants are as follows:

  • Aged between 18 – 35
  • Able to demonstrate proof of funds available, at the time of submitting application (previously this was usually required at the time of entering Canada).

Depending on their country of residence, applicants may have to apply through a particular agency which has an agreement in place with the Canadian Government to act as a third party. As of this year, applicants from many more countries are now able to apply directly to the Government of Canada.

As part of the application, a police certificate from the applicant’s country of residence will be required. If, in the last three years, an applicant has spent a significant period of time in another country, the officer reviewing their application may request additional police certificates covering these places.

Participants wishing to work in childcare, primary/secondary school teaching and health services related occupations must undergo a further medical examination from a Canadian Government designated health practitioner, and include this as part of their application before leaving for Canada.

Application processing times vary by Embassy but the inclusion of a medical examination can add up to 4 weeks extra.

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