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Oct.19,2012: Press release – International Au pair Assocation to assist Canadian Caregiver agencies Set up an Au Pair program in Canada


International Au pair Association (IAPA) to assist Canadian Caregiver agencies Set up an Au Pair program in Canada

Canadian  families seek alternate in-home care options as the Federal “ Live-in Caregiver Program” fails families’ expectations

Vancouver/Toronto – October 19, 2012

The International Au pair Association, an organization with members in 45 countries will be in Toronto, ON October 20, 2012 to provide Canadian Caregiver Agencies guidelines on establishing an Au pair program in Canada.

This workshop will be held in cooperation with ACNA Canada – Association of Caregiver & Nanny Agencies Canada and aims to offer structural assistance in the setup of au pair placements.

Au pairs are young people from overseas who have a passion to work with families and their children providing part to full‐time live in childcare and light household chores, while having a chance to experience a different culture.

IAPA is looking forward to meeting Canadian organizations interested to implement the au pair programme in their services. Canada will be a popular destination as it is known for its beauty, friendliness and multiculturalism by young people around the world. We aim to publish the Canadian Au Pair programme during our next conference in Rome, Italy in March 2013″, says Jack Hompes, Chairperson of IAPA.

Au pair programs are very popular and successful in many countries like the USA, and a good number of European countries.

In Australia and New Zealand, au pair programs are set up through immigration similar to the Working Holiday category in Canada.

We are thrilled to welcome IAPA, and look forward to setting up an au pair Program in Canada “, says Manuela Gruber Hersch, President of ACNA Canada. Gruber Hersch was at IAPA’s annual conference in Budapest in March 2012 when IAPA announced Canada as their next destination.

Young people between 18 – 35 years from over 30 countries have the opportunity to work in Canada on an open work permit under the International Experience Canada aka Holiday Working Visa.

Most of the participating countries allow a maximum stay of 12 months but Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney recently announced an extension for Ireland to 24 months.

Each Country also has an annual quota. Countries like Australia and New Zealand have high quotas in comparison to other countries like Germany, France, and Spain which deplete their spots in only a few months.

ACNA Canada calls on the Canadian Government to also extend other countries to 24 months so Canadian families have the opportunity to have consistent two year in home care similar to the Federal Live in Caregiver program.

Currently, Canada is experiencing the largest live‐in caregiver shortage since Canadian families

are reluctantly utilizing the LCP due to the risk of high upfront fees, low acceptance rates,

air fare transportation, temporary health care, long processing times and complex bureaucracy.

In addition, the majority of Live In Caregivers who do apply for Open Work Permits after 24

months leave the caregiver industry.

Immigration Minister Kenney’s office has confirmed Live in Caregivers are not required to work for the particular family who may have just paid recruitment fees, airfare and

gone through a complex process and long wait. Caregivers may decide to quit their employment at any time, including before they have started and families shying away from that kind of risk

The vast majority of Live in caregiver have come from the Philippines since establishment of the

program in 1992. The Canadian Immigration Ministry implemented changes to the

Live In Caregiver Program in 2010 and the program has showed a steep decline

ever since. In 2008, 20,865 caregiver applications were received from abroad wherein, the first

quarter of 2012 there were only 1,592.

“The au pair route is not for everyone”, Gruber Hersch said, “but we realized that, Canadian working

families are eager to find more accessible and affordable care options in order to remain in the

Canadian workforce. With the current shortage and decline of the LCP Program, an au pair

program in Canada could work out well for some families”.

“Hopefully, an au pair program in Canada will alleviate some of the backlash to the failing LCP

Program, help Canadian Families and open the cultural door to many young people willing to

move to Canada from a broader base of countries” said Gruber Hersch.“It sounds like a win‐win for


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